UPSs by IPS guaranteed power supply systems with a capacity of up to 10 kVA. The devices are designed to work with the IT systems, networks, automation, monitoring, lighting, machines, printers, etc.

By using the UPS brand IPS user may be relaxed in the case of brief power outage caused by power failure, failure, tripping the fuse on the power line.

Developed inside AGM batteries allow for sustaining the work burdens on kilka-kilkanaście of minutes. Versions also exist from super-ładowarką, which we can use outside battery operated cupboards about the increased capacity, lengthening the length of the time of supporting in the process thanks to.

Casings are made from two kinds of materials: plastic (version tower – standalone) or metal (version to RACK 19” about heights 2U i 3U).

Before choice about the UPS system, one should choose one of two available conversion methods of processing:

♦ true online – double conversion
♦ line-interactive