24 May 2016
3 August 2016
Pokaż wszystkie
  • Purely sinusoidal initial course (true sin)
  • Free-lying casing
  • Synchronization of the output voltage with mains (the tension and the frequency)
  • He is ensuring charging a battery, and automatic switching for works battery operated
  • Microprocessor guidance
  • Harmonic of output voltage < 5%
  • Cooperation with resistance, inductive receivers, pojemnościowymi
  • Menu of choice with the LCD
  • Momentary surcharge of the 300% (to 450W)
  • Sparing the electric energy putting to sleep in the state (below 5 in)
  • Battery charger programmed of the Diet of batteries (3-stopnie)
  • Time of supporting dependent on connected batteries
  • Quickassembly and for starting
  • Low-frequency transformer toroidalny in the entrance step
Power rating (seeming/active) 300VA/300W
Input voltage 230Vac
Power factor 1,0
Output voltage Praca sieciowa: 199Vac – 254Vac,
Praca bateryjna: 230Vac +/- 5%, THD max 5%
Frequency of the output voltage 50/60Hz ± 1% (auto selekcja)
Shape of the output voltage Network mode: clean sine,
Battery operated mode: clean sine
Time of switching for UPS Max 10 ms
Output sockets 2x (CEE 7/3 Schuko)
Efficiency of the booster >80%
Surcharge in the network mode 105% Through 300s, 110% Through 120s, 125% Through 60s, 150% Through 10s, turning into the mode
Surcharge in the battery operated mode 105% Through 300s, 110% Through 60s, 125% Through 10s, 150% Through 0,7s, the frequency converter
Permanent tension nominal 13,7Vdc
Charging current (standard) 1 – 15A *
Time of supporting (min. )100%/75%/50% He depends on connected batteries
Weight net/gross (kg) 8,3/9,3
Dimensions L./W./H. (mm) a/b/c 293x280x160
Dimensions of the package L./W./H. (mm) 370x355x235

AGM dual-battery options (option)