24 May 2016
24 May 2016
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  • Universal rack19” and tower case
  • High frequency switching, transformerless
  • High advanced microprocessor technology
  • Active PFC filter
  • Wide input voltage range (110V-300V)
  • Output power factor 0,8
  • Frequency auto-select
  • „cold start” – switch on without mains supply
  • ECO mode – Higher efficiency
  • LCD menu display
  • Selectable low battery voltage level
  • Advanced battery management
  • Overcurrent protection, low battery voltage protection
  • Auto-battery charger in OFF mode
  • Fan speed control
  • USB communication port
  • Auto recovery after mains supply return
  • Additional battery bank socket
  • Communication card slot
Moc znamionowa (pozorna/czynna) 1kVA/800W
Input voltage 230Vac
Scope of the input voltage Full power (230Vac) ± 26% , 45-55Hz ± 0,5%Hz
Power factor ≥ 0,9
Output voltage 220V/230V/240VAC ± 265 available placing through LCD – battery operated mode

220V/230V/240VAC ± 265 available placing through LCD – network

Frequency of the output voltageo Synchronized under the network procedure, 50 / 60 ± Hz 0.2 Hz in the battery operated mode
Shape of the output voltage Clean sine
Harmonic distortions ≤5% (linear burden),
Time of switching for UPS From the AC mode to battery operated: 8 ms
Output sockets 3x IEC C13
Network mode/AC ≤ 98%
Battery mode ≤ 85% (linear burden)
Permanent voltage 24V
Configuration 2x12V/7Ah
Charging current (standard) 1A
Charging current (option) 1-5A (default 1A)
Time of supporting (min. )100%/75%/50% 2 min / 4min / 7min
Time of loading 8 hours for the 90% of the capacity
Additional battery operated cassettes (option) and


KU-BAT-2URT-2×7-24 (max 4szt),

KU-BAT-2URT-4×7-24 (max 2szt),

KU-BAT-2URT-6×7-24 (max 1szt),

Lov battery The short signal as the second on time 0.16 sek and 0.16 sek breaks
Overvoltage Long signal about time 2 sek and 0.5 sek breaks
Battery mode Short sound as 5 seconds, put out after 60 sek
Weight and dismesion
Weight net/gross (kg) 14,6/16,8
Dismesion L./W./H. (mm)   w/l(d)/h 440×330(350)x88
Dismiession packages L./W./H. (mm) 616x448x208
Low-voltage directive EN62040-1:2008+A1:2013
Electromagnetic compatibility EN62040-2:2006

EN61000-3-2:2014 Class A