26 February 2019
26 February 2019
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  • Pure sinusoidal output signal (true sin),
  • True online double conversion – uninterrupted, topology VFI-SS-111
  • Free-standing housing
  • Stable voltage and output frequency completely independent of input voltage,
  • Ensures automatic charging of the battery and automatic switchover to battery operation,
  • Remote communication, self-diagnosis,
  • Wide range of options and parameters available from the user’s MENU.




MODEL TS33-ON-10k0-MC-15
Rated power (apparent/active) 10000VA/9000W
Input voltage Name: 3x400VAC
Input voltage range: 277Vac – 485Vac
Power factor PF >0,99
Input socket Screw connection
Output voltage Network: 3x400Vac +/- 1%,
Battery operation: 3x400Vac +/- 1%,
Output voltage frequency 50/60Hz ± 1% (auto selection)
Output voltage shape Network mode: pure sine,
Battery mode: pure sine
Switching time to UPS Network -> battery: 0ms
On bypass mode: 0ms
Output sockets Screw connection
Network ≥ 93%
Battery operation ≥ 93%
In ECO mode ≥ 98%
Batteries type: Lead acid e.g. VRLA AGM voltage 12V
Charge current 1A
Nominal voltage of battery pack: 240V
Maintenance time (min) for 80%: 15min
Charging time 8-10h
Net/gross weight (kg) 235 / 250kg
Width/head/High (mm) a/b/c 350/ 785 / 1078 mm


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